First Seminar of the Architectural Design VII/VIII Seminar Series Held

Deniz Tuzcuoğlu, Faculty Member from the Department of Architecture at Yıldız Technical University, conducted a seminar themed “CAMPUS LIFE CENTER DESIGN” as part of the graduation project seminars organized under the Arhitectural Design VIII course taught at GTU. The seminar took place at the Faculty of Architecture at GTU, and topics such as “Dormitory Buildings and Re-Utilization Processes of Dormitory Buildings” were addressed.  

Under the seminar series with the main theme “Life on Campus”, Tuzcuoğlu shared with students the knowledge she gained during her studies for her thesis titled "Yurt binalarında kullanım sonrası değerlendirme üzerine bir irdeleme: YTÜ Davutpaşa Yerleşkesi Örneği" (A Study on the Re-Utilization of Dormitory Buildings: YTU Davutpaşa Campus).  During the presentation she made, Tuzcuoğlu touched upon the topic of dormitory buildings and the planning principles for student houses, and several examples from Turkey and the world (Baker House / Alvar AALTO, Stata Center / Frank GEHRY, Simmons Hall / Steven HOLL, and so on) were discussed around differing evaluation criteria.

The Theme of the Studio:

GTU’s vision is to become a leading university worldwide that guides the development of knowledge and conducts high-quality research and education. In line with this vision, the facilities on campus are constantly improved, and creating a research and learning environment on international standards is aimed.

A youth center and a dormitory complex are among the projects that are planned to be realized in line with GTU’s vision. Within this scope, the theme of the student graduation projects for 2017-2018 Fall Semester have been identified as the issue of youth center and dormitory complex, and contemporary, dynamic and innovative solutions have been aimed, as the end-users of these facilities will be students at the end.

The structure to be designed is expected to increase social life opportunities for students, to create quality common areas for students, and to integrate learning and research with social life. On the meta scale, developing environmental design ideas to increase the spatial welfare of the campus is expected, whereas on the structural scale, designing a structure that is innovative and that will meet the needs on the whole is anticipated.

Architectural Design VII Coordinators: Prof. Ayla AYYILDIZ POTUR, Assoc. Prof. Kutlu SEVİNÇ KAYIHAN, Lecturer Can BOYACIOĞLU, Res. Asst. Fazilet TUĞRUL OKBAZ, Res. Asst. Funda TAN, Res. Asst. Ayşegül ENGİN, Res. Asst. Ayşe CANSU  

Architectural Design VIII Jury Members: Assoc. Prof. Kutlu SEVİNÇ KAYIHAN, Prof. Tülay TIKANSAK KARADAYI, Prof. Ayla AYYILDIZ POTUR, Lecturer Can BOYACIOĞLU, Prof. Elif Özlem AYDIN ORAL, Assoc. Prof. Murat ŞAHİN (Özyeğin University), Architect Figen ÇİLOĞLU, Prof. Birgül ÇOLAKOĞLU (İTU), Assoc. Prof. Yasemin ALKIŞER BREGGER (İTU), Prof. Semih ERYILDIZ (Doğuş University) - Poster Design: Funda Tan

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