Magnetic Nanoparticles Will Fight Cancer

Revolutionary technologies in the field of medicine were discussed in detail during the “Bio-Medical Applications of Magnetic Nano-Particles” (M-BIO2017) workshop organized at Gebze Technical University.

The 2017-2018 Academic Year at GTU started with an international workshop organized by the joint initiative of GTU and Anadolu Medical Center, and the support of TUBITAK. The workshop “Bio-Medical Applications of Nano-Particles”, which was organized for the first time this year and decided to be held every other year, took place at the conference hall of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at GTU. The workshop was organized with the initiatives of Assoc. Prof. Fikret Yıldız from GTU and Prof. Zafer Gülbaş from Anadolu Medical Center. Among the participants of the workshop were Prof. Hasan Aslan, Vice Rector, GTU; Prof. Işıl Kurnaz, Director, Institute of Biotechnology, GTU; Prof. Fatma Yüksel, Vice Dean, Faculty of Science, GTU; and many other scholars from different countries and universities.


M-BIO2017 lasted for 2 days and the use of magnetic structures in biology and medical fields was discussed in detail. Scholars from various disciplines who have made research on topics such as hyperthermia as cancer treatment, drug delivery by the use of magnetic nanoparticles, and localized drug delivery to prevent healthy organs from being affected during cancer treatment came together and shared their experiences and discussed what could be done in the future. The fact that the problems the humanity faces, one of which is cancer, can now only be solved by different disciplines working together was highlighted.

Making the opening speech of the workshop, Fikret Yıldız, Workshop Lead, talked about the historical development of studies about magnetism and provided information on how the magnetic structures began to be used in bio-medical applications. Prof. Zafer Gülbaş from Anadolu Medical Center also made a speech and congratulated the organizing team for their efforts and thanked the participants for attending. Prof. Haluk Görgün, Rector, GTU, joined in one of the sessions and expressed his appreciation for this international event organized collaboratively by two distinguished institutions, GTU and Anadolu Medical Center. Görgün also thanked the participants and stated that the workshop would yield important outputs for our country.


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