Giant Turkish Flag in the Sky

The largest Turkish flag over water has started to fly in Kocaeli sky.

Within the scope of Balık Adası (Fish Island) Social Facilities project, Turkey’s tallest flagpole with the largest flag over the sea has been built on Kocaeli coast. An important progress has been made for Balık Adası Social Facilities Project designed by Lecturer İbrahim Türkeri, PhD, from the Department of Architecture at GTU and Gönül Karademir. The design team and the contractor company calculated all the static elements and installed the flagpole in Karamürsel, Kocaeli in Turkey.



The surface area of the flag is 150 m2 while the flagpole is 39 meters tall. The whole project is to be completed by the end of the year. Stating that raising this giant flagpole requires serious engineering work and calculation, Lecturer İbrahim Türkeri, PhD, from the Department of Architecture at GTU commented: “This project will revive the city’s bonds with its coast and our priority is to recreate this area without harming the nature and adding more green to it during its rehabilitation process. The classification of the fish island’s walls has been completed and this has been the hardest phase of the project as we are trying to build a life on water. Building a platform over water and erecting a flag flying in the wind at speeds of 170 km/h requires serious engineering calculation. As far as we have researched, this is a first in Turkey and it makes one proud. I congratulate the Municipality of Karamürsel and my teammates for their strong will on this matter.” İsmail Yıldırım, the Mayor of Karamürsel also expressed his pride in the project and asserted that the best legacy to leave behind for future generations is such works that represent national values.