GTU in the World League of Universities

As an academically acclaimed university home and abroad, GTU has been recognized for its success one more time with its academic performance and effectiveness in three different fields of science by ranking in the first 1000 universities among 20,000 universities around the world in URAP World University Ranking and Field Based Ranking.

URAP Research Laboratory at Middle East Technical University has been conducting worldwide and field based rankings of universities in order to help universities determine their strong sides and sides open to improvement. The 2016-2017 Field Based Ranking by URAP was made according to 41 fields of science. As part of the ranking, the academic outputs of approximately 20,000 universities around the world were evaluated. Increasing its impact in the national and international arena every other day thanks to its academic power, GTU ranked in the first 1000 universities in three different fields of science. Leaving behind many other universities worldwide with its publications in the fields of Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics, GTU has proven its success one more time with its ranking among the 20,000 universities in different parts of the world.


As a powerful state university that currently offers graduate education with 46 graduate programs under 9 institutes and undergraduate education in 9 departments under 4 faculties, GTU will add 7 new undergraduate programs including Chemistry, Economics, Urban and Regional Planning, Bioengineering, Machine, Chemistry, and Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering and admit students to these programs for the first time in 2017-2018 Academic Year.

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