GTU Graduate Studies Symposium comes to an end

Graduate Studies Symposium and Introductory Days 2017 organized by GTU’s Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences recently came to an end. In the event, which was held the second time, the graduate students of our university introduced their works related to their thesis studies and the event was joined by representatives from the sector, forming a collaborative environment. Graduate School Programs offered by GTU were introduced to faculty members and students from various departments, and also to industry, private, and public sector representatives.

109 research abstracts submitted to the Symposium were evaluated according to their field of study and opinions obtained from the heads of departments and related faculty members. 26 studies were presented during sessions and 77 studies were presented as posters.

The sessions conducted as presentations in the field of Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Sensors, Biotechnology, Earthquake and Wind Engineering, Environment and Urban Planning, Energy and Smart Materials were moderated by sector representatives also presenting their activities in the respective sectors as guest speakers at the sessions.

Poster presentations and sessions attended by faculty members and regional industrialists received a thumbs up, and the students had the chance to demonstrate their contributions to the development of the world of science and technology with the master’s and doctoral studies they conducted.

The researchers who made presentations were granted a certificate of participation and the session moderators were also presented with a certificate of participation and gifts.

Gebze Technical University’s Rector, Professor Haluk Görgün expressed his pride in the research projects presented, during the closing speech he made at the end of the event.


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