Brain Awareness Week Event

Brain awareness week was celebrated all around the country with various activities. In this context, with this event, the kindergarten students who were at GTU had an opportunity to get to recognize their brains for the first time.

The World Brain (Awareness) Week, which aims to spread awareness of pre-school learners, the elderly people who are curious and learnable, to develop brain-nervous system awareness, brain-nervous system health and functionality in the society; especially İzmir, Kocaeli, Eskişehir, Manisa, Denizli, Trabzon and Konya were celebrated a lot of city this year. Brain Awareness Week was celebrated with public events under the leadership of Turkish Association of Brain Researches and Neuroscience (TUBAS), with the support of some universities and local governments between 13 - 19 March 2017. One of these activities, at Gebze Technical University (GTU) Nursery for 3-4 year-old students was realized with the presentation by GTU Biotechnology Institute Director and Lecturer of Molecular Biology and Genetics Prof. Işıl Kurnaz. Kurnaz explained the ways in which children can develop brain function and brain function with videos and games prepared in a manner that is comprehensible to the tiny students. Children both played and learned.  

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