They are Learning By Chatting

Gebze Technical University's Idea and Project Student Community, which adds value to its members and makes them a priority for their self-development, offers Coffee Talks, a new project, to bring professionals and students together in the campus.

The first "Coffee Talks" took place with the psychologist Lütfi Yapıcı on youth issues and internet addiction issues. "What are the benefits of staying away from sociability and maintaining more isolated lives by living a life dependent on the Internet? How does this affect our everyday life? How to reduce the dependence on the Internet and computer games? What are the reflections of the factors that influence humanity, starting from the family and childhood, to youth?". He answered these questions.

The second Coffee Talks was a wide sincere conversation about business world and entrepreneurship with Serkan Koç, CEO of While emphasizing the importance of English in the business world, Koç gave students tips on how to improve themselves and shared his book advices. In addition to these, he talked about the positive effects on people when doing smile and kindness, and gave students tips on business life. At the end of the chat, Serkan Koc stated that he was very happy with this invitation and gave each student a gift from

Thanks to the Coffee Talks project, we have experienced a friendly atmosphere and made easy communication between guests.