The first seminar was held in Research Methods

Within the scope of the Faculty of Business Administration Research Seminars, Koç University faculty member Zeynep GÜRHAN CANLI gave a seminar on "Experimental Research in Social Sciences" to the students at Gebze Technical University. Scientific articles written by Canlı, Migros Marketing Professor at Economics and Administrative Sciences of Koç University, were published in the most prestigious journals and she was granted international awards for the quality and productivity of her research and was appointed to University of Michigan as a faculty member with tenure. Besides, she is the co-editor of Journal of Consumer Research and International Journal of Research in Marketing and has been maintaining her membership of editorial board in Journal of Academy of Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing Behavior.

By making a comprehensive presentation about “How to design experimental studies?”, “What are the appropriate analysis methods?”, “What to look out for in the reporting process?” Zeynep Gürhan Canlı presented her point of view, aswell. An interactive seminar was held with the participants' questions.