Aziz Sancar was the Guest of GTU

Gebze Technical University (GTU) hosted Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar who has been the pride of Turkey by receiving Nobel Prize. Sancar, coming to GTU in order to attend the opening of ‘‘Biological Clock Laboratory’’ which was named after him and which would carry out the same work as he did in his laboratory in America and to come together with the students drew heavy attention. During the press conference he held, Sancar pointed out that the interest shown in him stems from the importance Turkish people place on science and makes him feel very happy and he gave important explanations. He emphasized that it is very significant for all institutions and organizations to give importance to Basic Sciences and he also stated he feels pleased with th development of industry in Kocaeli. On a question, Sancar specified that the girls must be included to education more and he added: ‘‘Generally, women are more farsighted than men. I experienced this with my mother and all women I know. He suggested Turkish women especially insist on education of girls more than boys. No matter what fathers say, our girls must have the right to go to school. They must have the same opportunities as boys. Maybe the girls in this region have those opportunities but the girls in the East do not have them. We need to spread it to the whole country. We need to educate all of our girls.’’

Sancar: ‘‘Nuri Öztürk will contribute to Turkish Science’’

Sancar stated that he believes in Biological Clock Laboratory, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nuri Öztürk from GTU with whom he worked together for 7 years will carry out important work which would contribute to Turkish Science. He also added that those working in order to receive the Nobel Prize would not be able to receive it.

After press conference, Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar gave a conference to GTU students and students of 212 different high schools of Kocaeli at GTU Ahmet Ayhan Gym.

‘‘The more Turkish childern get to know their ancestors, the more they will strengthen themselves to do greater things.’’

Giving his speech before the conference, GTU Rector Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün pointed out that Aziz Sancar is a reputable scientist due to his contribution to science and having been received Nobel prize. Prof. Dr. Görgün emphasized that Sancar’s being bound up with his roots, homeland and nation makes him more valuable. Uttering we have quite a rich scientific culture rooted in our civilization, Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün reminded the young participants at the gym of Atatürk’s aphorism ‘‘The more Turkish childern get to know their ancestors, the more they will strengthen themselves to do greater things.’’

After Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, in his ‘‘Platinum Drugs, UV Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Repair Map of the Human Genome’’ titled English conference, by sharing a summary of his study with participants Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar specified that in the fight against many diseases particularly including cancer, with a better understanding of DNA system, people will make progress at an important scale.

After the dinner given in his honor and provincial protocol attended, Sancar was farewelled off GTU.

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