Gebze Technical University Hosts Nano-Cancer Day For The First Time In Turkey

Nano Cancer Day annually organised by European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine (ETPN) has held at Gebze Technical University for the first time in Turkey this year.

Ground-breaking nanotechnology that can significantly improve cancer treatment was discussed across 12 European countries on Tuesday (2 February) as part of Nano World Cancer Day, with the Gebze Technical University hosting the Turkey event in Gebze

Experts from across Turkey were at the event to talk about the latest researches in the field. Among the experts are GTU Rector Prof. Haluk Gorgun, The Head of Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Prof. Tezer Kutluk, İzmir Institute of Technology Vice Dean Prof. Serdar Ozcelik, Yeditepe University Lecturer Prof. Mustafa Culha, Specialist Mahmut Ozer from The Scıentıfıc And Technologıcal Research Councıl Of Turkey (TUBITAK), GTU Lecturer and ETPN representatives in Turkey Prof. Vefa Ahsen, Asst Prof. Fabienne Dumoulin.

The event started with ETPN Chairman Patrick BOISSEAU’s video speech that included best wishes and success for the participations.

Rector Prof Gorgun: Nanomedicine Products Used to Target The Disease

Nano World Cancer Day was organised by the European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine (ETPN) and took place simultaneously in 12 countries across the EU. The Turkish group which has been working as a mirror group of ETPN, was co-ordinated by Gebze Technical University. Rector Professor Haluk Gorgun highlighted the importance of Nanomedicine and made clear that it was very good oppurtunity to call attention right before The World Cancer Day which was on 4th February. The Rector said: ‘Nanomedicine is applied nanotechnology to achieve innovation in healthcare. It virtually impacts all therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiovascular diseases and neurologic disorders. With around 50 nanomedicine products already on the market and 200 more undergoing clinical trials, nanomedicine is emerging as “The next big thing” for the benefits of patients. The most active and promising area of nanomedicine research is cancer, the disease targetted by 31 % of the nanomedicine products under clinical trials are for diagnostic, treatments and monitoring of patients.

Academic Specialists made clear that Nanomedicines being developed by scientists are able to penetrate more selectively into cancerous cells, meaning that the drugs target parts of the body that are affected by the disease. Besides detection is important as it makes easier nanomedicine to improve cancer treatment. Furthermore they discussed how nanomedicines adhere to tumours can be used by doctors to spot cancer without invasive surgery.

Aside from the financial potential of nanomedicines, it is the impact on public health that is driving the growth of research in this area. Professor Tezer Kutluk told the audience that cancer is now the biggest killer in the World overtaking cardio-vascular illness in the last few years.

Professor Vefa Ahsen said: “Nanomedicine is about improving the safety of drugs for patients. Medicines that can reduce side-effects and the need for surgery promise to radically change how we treat cancer in the next few years’. The event went on by Prof Serdar Özçelik and Prof Mustafa Çulha and Mahmut Ozer’s explanations about their latest discover in their areas. The event closed after The Specialists answer the audience’s questions in the last session moderated by Asst Prof Fabienne Dumoulin.

Gebze Technic University was proud to organise the Turkey event in collaboration with the ETPN. The event clearly emphasised the need for increased awareness of emerging nanotechnologies to fully realise their potential in combating disease.









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