The World's First Mobile Marine Autopilot "iHoy"

March 07, 2023

GTU Technopark manufactures the world's first Mobile Marine Autopilot "iHoy"

The project "Mobile Device-Based Marine Autopilot Development" by Global 1 Information and Electronic Systems, a GTU Technopark company, has been successfully completed. The product launch was carried out with the prototype produced as a result of the project. GTU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hasari Çelebi, GTU Secretary General Nadir Yıldırım, GTU Technopark General Manager Yusuf Çalık, Istanbul Technical University Student Dean Prof. Dr. Ömer Kemal Kınacı, KOSGEB representatives, industry representatives, academics from various universities, GTU Technopark and Technology Transfer Office (TTO) officials attended the launch held at GTU Congress and Cultural Center.

The product presentation was made by the General Manager of Global 1 Information and Electronic Systems, Electronics Engineer Ergun Altıntaş. Altıntaş said that they aimed to take their product, "iHoy," to the global markets as a domestic and national brand with all its aspects offered in the presentation. Stating that they developed a completely new and patent-pending mobile device-based concept instead of the existing complex structure in electronic systems for navigation assistants for boats within the scope of the project supported by KOSGEB, Altıntaş added that the developed autopilot was designed with a unique structure that provided ease of installation and use unlike the existing ones, and reduced the cost, with its software, mechanics, and electronics having domestic and national characteristics.

"iHoy" Project Team: Electronics Engineer Ergun ALTINTAŞ, Electronics and Communication Eng. Ahmet Tarhan (Electronic Design), Electronics and Communication Eng. Rohat Teymuroğlu (Software Development), Mechanical Engineer Ozan Ayverdi (Mechanical Design).

Academic Advisors: GTU Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Erkan Zergeroğlu (Software), GTU Assistant Professor Recep Önler (Mechanical Design), ITU Prof. Dr. Ömer Kemal Kınacı (Shipbuilding), ITU Dr. İsmail Bayezit (Control Systems), BEU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökhan Bayar (Mechanical Design).

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