Summer School-Eid Holiday-Internship Issues

Announcement 1: Those who take courses in the summer school will not be able to do their internship in that summer term

If you are enrolled in summer school, it is the course period for you.

Students enrolled in summer school cannot do compulsory or voluntary internships in that summer period, as internships cannot be done during the course periods as per the Intership Program Instruction. Exception: students at their the 9th or later semester can do interns only on the days that they do not take the courses (student should prove this by adding the summer school program to theır intership douments). Only the spring and fall semesters are taken into account when calculating which semester they are in, that is, they must have actively completed 4 spring and 4 fall semesters in a total of 4 years in the academic calendar.

Since the grade entry of the internships is processed for that actual period in which interns are done, this conflict will be figured out during the graduation checks. In that case the interships that were done during summer shool semeters are canceled and should be renewed.

Announcement 2: Since the internships between 9-17 July will not be accepted due to 9-day Eid holiday, those who have planned an internship between these dates must complete the missing internships by postponing the internship end dates. Persons in this situation should contact Sultan Önkol Hanım to update their insurance.

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