Bursiyer Alım İlanı

We are searching for highly motivated MSc/PhD students, post-doctoral researchers or (part-time) young researchers with PhD to work on the NATO SPS project "Conversion Technologies for Quantum Sensing & Secure Communications" (project director: Prof.Dr. Fikret Yıldız) at Physics Department of Gebze Technical University. The stipend is fixed as 400 Euro for MSc/PhD student, and 500 for postdoc (or young researcher with PhD). The project goal is to develop the spin-based hybrid quantum systems for coherent conversion between microwave photon <=> magnon <=> optical photon subsystems. The project motivation is to develop magnon(spin)-based solutions to connect quantum computers, consisting of cryocooled superconducting qubits and working at MW frequencies, via long-range quantum networks, using optical (IR) photons. The hybrid quantum systems are also considered as the critical elements to develop quantum imaging/radar technology.

The candidates are expected to contribute at least in one of the following work packages:
1) Theoretical analysis and modelling of hybrid spin-based systems
2) Fabrication and experimental studies of hybrid planar MW-magnon(-optic) systems

The candidates, having strong skills at least in one of the following areas, are preferred:

• Numerical simulation (e.g., COMSOL MP, CST Studio, etc.) and design of MW, ferromagnetic or optic devices.
• Quantum and magnetism theory, theoretical analysis of quantum hybrid systems
• Microwave (MW) technique, material/circuit characterization with use of Vector Netwrok Analyzer (VNA)
• Theory and experimental aspects of magnetic resonance, specifically ferromagnetic and spin wave resonance
• Micro/nano fabrication, lithography, thin film deposition and characterization
• Measurement automation, installation of microwave, optic and cryogenic equipment

Applicants are requested to submit:

 1) a CV with a description of your theoretical/simulation/fabrication/experimental skills, your publications and a list of possible referees
2) A letter outlining your research background and explaining your motivation for this position (+ any additional documents/materials demonstrating your expertise)

to Dr. S. Çiğdem Yorulmaz, Email: scyorulmaz@gtu.edu.tr