Frontend Developer - R&D

You will a part of one of the biggest teams in Intelligent Application development.

Are you looking for a work environment to improve your technical skills? Do you want to have experience in a global delivery project by using Java programming languages? Do you want to work in a project with Agile practices and Agile project life cycle? This job is a good opportunity to improve your skills and grow your carrier path as a Software Development Engineer.  


  • 1. Participate in the front-end development of key cloud service H5. 
  • 2. Maintain key features, including UX experience, functions, and H5 front-end component abstraction. 
  • 3. Develop versions and features based on product requirements and perform iterative evolution.  

Position Requirements:   

  • 1. Major in computer/software engineering/mathematics, familiar with Git. 
  • 2. Native or fluent in English.
  • 2. Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and have experience in mobile Internet product R&D, such as web app and H5 development. 
  • 3. Have a proficient command of the JavaScript object-oriented mechanism. Be able to use native JavaScript to perform DOM programming. Have a basic command of common JavaScript libraries or frameworks (such as prototype, React, and Vue) in the industry. Have a basic command of front-end engineering solutions. 
  • 4. Being familiar with server-side rendering, to have participated in the development of large-scale H5 mobile client projects, and be familiar with frameworks such as Nginx, Flask, and Jinja is preferable.
  • 5. Quick-thinking, sensitive to new technologies, and good at studying and learning. 
  • 6. Good communication and teamwork capabilities, strong problem analysis and resolution capabilities, good code cleanliness, and willingness to dig into the root causes of problems.

If you are interested, please send your CV to


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