Forms Required for Internships



Click here to access the renewed internship directive in PDF format (You can find answers to your questions such as conducting and evaluating the internship process from there).

Teams team was informed about internship at

You can join the M. Teams with your institution account at the address.

You can send your questions about the internship to, and you can write to for the documents related to the internship during the pandemic period.


- After completing the internship in any optional or compulsory internship, the Internship Notebook and Internship Evaluation Form must be submitted to the Department Secretary. Any internships that do not have an internship notebook are not evaluated.

- For internships abroad with the volunteer or ERASMUS program, the Internship Book and Internship Evaluation Form must be submitted to the Secretary of the Department after the internship is completed.

-Students who do internship with the ERASMUS program should carry out all the procedures for our department regardless of the processing of the ERASMUS forms, while the procedures for the ERASMUS program are done by the ERASMUS office. This process is essential for your internship to be processed in transcript.

- Internship notebooks are filled in English and a Turkish abstract not exceeding 1 page is attached.

- Compulsory Internships can be done for 25-15, 20-20 or 40 days at a time.

- Voluntary (optional internships) should be at least 15 days or longer in multiples of 5.



You can reach the related documents from the links below. Only one of the forms in Article 2 should be filled.


1.Staj fişi (A- FR-0076_Staj_Fisi)

2a. Staj Zorunluluk belgesini (B- FR-0338_Staj-_Zorunluluk_Belgesi)

2b. Temel Bilimler Fakültesi Staj Belgesi-FR-0338 (Gönüllü Staj İçin)

3. Staj kabul belgesi (C- FR-0337_Staj_Yeri_Kabul Belgesi)

4. FR-0069 Staj Defteri Kapak   

5. FR-0077 Staj Ücretlerine İşsizlik Fonu Katkısı Formu  

6. FR-0078 Staj Beyan Talep Dilekçesi

7. FR-0080 Staj Değerlendirme Belgesi-Anketi   


To Reach GTÜ General (Original) Forms Click here




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