How to Install?

MATLAB is a computer program that is often used for positive science and engineering calculations. Developed by the United States-based MathWorks company, MATLAB is a programming language at the same time. MATLAB, formed by the combination of the words "Matrix Laboratory" in English, has a matrix-based working system, as the name implies.

The MATLAB program is also used for 2D and 3D graphics drawing, allowing for fast and efficient mathematical calculations such as linear algebra, statistics, optimization, numerical analysis, optimization, fourier analysis.

MATLAB is backwards compatible, works smoothly with older versions of MATLAB files. Due to the network license server system used in accordance with the terms of the software agreement,  it can be used only at GTU campus network. The license only includes 10 simultaneous users.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the MATLAB license is licensed according to the number of programs running on the network at the same time, please be sure to leave the program when you are not in business  

Click here to download the program.

The program can only be downloaded and operated in the campus network. The program can not be downloaded and does not work outside the campus.

User Name and Password: GTU E-mail Account Define your Account Name as  \gtu to your User Name and enter your GTU e-mail password.

For example: If your username is abc, define it as gtu\abc as follows.



Select "Use a File Installation Key" to install without installation.

Accepting the license agreement Click "Yes" to proceed with next.

At this stage, the file upload key needs to be entered. Copy and paste the key in the txt file inside the file which is in Ftp.



We are going to next with MATLAB 9.0 checked.


Select the path to the License.dat folder and proceed to next. License.dat file is also available in ftp.


We are proceeding with Next.


We go to next by using Desktop to appear on the desktop.


Click Install button to start the installation.

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