Projects and Reporting Services

The partly listed reporting and project services below are provided by the academics of our faculty: 



1. Architectural Design Projects and Constructional Drawings 

2. Survey, Restoration and Restitution Projects for Historical Buildings 

3. Survey, Restoration and Restitution Reports for Historical Buildings

4. Architectural History Reports for Historical Buildings

5. Laboratory, reporting and consultancy services related to building materials 



1. Earthquake Warning and Damage Estimation Systems; Regional Risk Analyses for Industrial Plants, Networks, Pipelines, Educational and other buildings; For Republic of Turkey Priministry, Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Management, the system “AFAD RED” (Rapid Earthquake Damage and Loss Estimation System) has been designed to estimate the probable after-destructive earthquake structural and life loss before real figures from earthquake site is available. This system has been developed since 2016 and is now in a state to estimate the approximate damage and approximate economic losses wreaked by earthquakes on infrastructure (water, electric, gas networks, etc.), highways, railroads, ports and other critical facilities.  

2. Site-specific Earthquake Risk Analyses and scaling of earthquake recordings according to DBDY2017

3. 3D Analyses (FLAC3D) for Structure-Soil-Pile Interactions 

4. Structural Modeling Analyses and Enforcement Methods for historical and/or stack structured buildings 

5. Advanced Sismic Analyses for Highrise Buildings and Performance Based Design for Structural Systems 

6. Bridge Designs and Performance Analyses 

7. Analyses for Earthquake Isolated Structures 

8. Reporting of Endangered Buildings (according to law no 6306 and authorized by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization)


Urban and Regional Planning

1. Planning works and consultancy services in various scales for zoning processes (strategical space planning, environmental planning, master development plans and so on)

2. Site specific planning works (urban transformation and development zones, cultural and touristic preservation and development zones, preservation zones, seaside zones, industrial zones and so on) 

3. Urban design and landscape projects 

4. Design and management of relevant strategy and vision determining processes such as focus group meetings, and SWOT and PESTLE analyses 

5. Socio-economic structure analyses, statistical analyses (factor analysis, ANOVA, regression and so on)

6. Trend analyses and projections (population, recruitment and so on) 

7. Space analyses based on geographical information systems 

8. Site surveys, survey design, management of survey execution, assesment-reporting of survey results 

9. Research, surveys and analyses related to the quality of urban life

10. Expertise and specialist reports related to planning and zoning 

11. Urban and regional planning services


Industrial Design

1. Product design services (furniture, white goods, hygienic ceramic equipment, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags) 

2. 3D modeling services

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