TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival, is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, with the support of Turkey's leading technology companies, public, media organizations and universities. Aiming to raise awareness in society about technology and science and to increase Turkey's human resources trained in the fields of science and engineering, TEKNOFEST organizes various events, especially competitions held in many fields of technology, from rockets to autonomous driving systems, from unmanned aerial vehicles to underwater systems, in order to support young people's work on the technologies of the future. 


The excitement of TEKNOFEST 2022 started to be experienced with the applications opened for the "Technology Competitions" to be held within the scope of the festival. Last year, 44,912 teams and 200 thousand young people from 81 provinces and 111 countries applied to the TEKNOFEST Technology competitions, which thousands of young people from all walks of life awaited eagerly and followed with interest. This year, thousands of qualified young people from primary school to secondary school, high school, undergraduate and graduate level will be able to participate in technology competitions held in different categories to realize their dreams. TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions, which are the biggest award-winning technology competitions in the history of Turkey, where more competition categories are opened every year compared to the previous year, will be held in 39 different categories this year, and the deadline for applications to the competitions is 28 February 2022.
In order to support the projects of thousands of young people working in these fields, with the aim of increasing the interest of young people in producing and developing national technology, material support will be provided to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage. Teams that compete in TEKNOFEST and qualify for the ranking will receive an award of more than 6 Million TL. Teknofest, which is held one year in Istanbul and one year in another city in Anatolia, is moving to Samsun in its fifth year. Those who are interested in technology in order to be a part of the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, which will take place in Samsun between 30 August - 4 September, and to apply for the competition, can find detailed information at https://www.teknofest.org/en/.



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