Finalized Enrollment List of Second Group of Reserve Foreign National Students for 2023-2023

Please Click Here for the Turkish Language Course Announcement for the Special Foreign National Students in the 2022-2023 Education and Teaching Year

Please Click Here for the Finalized Enrollment List for 2022-2023 Foreign National Students

*The originals of documents uploaded to the system during application are to be submitted during finalized enrollment. Their copies will be received after their originality is checked.

*Enrollment cannot be finalized with missing documents.

*The enrollment of those students enrolled in another university cannot be finalized before they disenroll from the other university. 

*For finalized enrollment, the related tuition fee for the faculty to be enrolled is to be paid to the HALK BANKASI IBAN TR40 0001 2001 2990 0006 0001 91 and the payment receipt is to be submitted during enrollment. 



Tuition Fees for Foreign National Students in the 2022-2023 Academic Year
Faculty Tuition Fee per Semester (TRY)
Engineering 10,000 TRY
Aerospace 10,000 TRY
Science 7,000 TRY
Business Administration 7,000 TRY


Application and Enrollment Dates for 2022-2023 Academic Year for Students from Abroad

28-30 September 2022 Enrollment of Admitted Students


Dear students,
It is of vital importance that you acquire your GTU e-mail address.
Our communication with you will be established via that address, and no replies will be made to other e-mail addresses than GTU ones. 
Only GTU e-mail addresses may be used in case of online exams or classes for participation. Therefore, please remember to acquire your GTU e-mail address shortly after you have finalized your enrollment. 

Please click here to acquire your GTU e-mail address

Please click here to find out your student number


English Exemption Exam

Exam Date: Wednesday, 05 October 2022

Exam Time: 10:00 am-01:00 pm

Exam Venue: Department of Foreign Languages, Main Building

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