Application results for the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Proggramme Announcement


Name and Surname

Academic Grade

60% of Academic Grade

Language Score

40% of Language score

Success Score


Azam Seifi Nadergoli






4275 €

Masoumeh Sattari Dabbagh







Invalid Applications:

Name and Surname


Amirkasra Dehghani


IELTS test is not recognized by the Council of Higher Education of Turkey.

Study mobility must be at least 3 months. GTU Erasmus office will provide grant support for only one academic semester and for one student from Tabriz for  this project.

If the student who is selected to be an Erasmus exchange student, gives up her/his Erasmus right, the grant will be shifted to the following candidate.

The GTU International Relations Office will provide grant support for one student but the students who are eligible to benefit from the program but have not been awarded an Erasmus grant due to the inadequacy of the grant quota may benefit from the acquired rights without a grant.

The selected students will study for one semester at Gebze Technical University according to the Learning Agreement to be signed between the student, University of Tabriz and GTU. Once the students finish their study at GTU, the courses that they succesfully passed at GTU will be recognized at University of Tabriz. 

Students will benefit from Erasmus+ mobility if the borders of the two countries are opened. If the mobilities are not possible in the fall semester due to the pandemic, they may be shifted to the spring semester.

Students should act with this possibility in mind. Erasmus Office is not responsible for the prior expenses made due to this situation.

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