Health Services

Gebze Institute of Technology Health Unit services in both Çayırova and Muallimköy Campuses. There are two nurses, one dentist and one doctor in these units. The services are:

A-Consulting (all staff and students)

Diagnosis and treatment services

Sports medicine for those who cannot do sport and regulate a health report for them.

B-Environmental Health Services

We regulate control reports for food that is serviced in the cafeteria and school restaurant.

C-We organize a variety of seminars and campaigns with the help of other health organizations.

We offer the service at the top level, in the coming year or years we plan to conduct service in a wider room and add a patient follow-up room and one seminar hall.

Psychological Counseling

Our counseling, helps individuals suffering from personal problems, problems of social life, the challenges of reflecting them etc, and psychological support unit has been established for the purpose of a guide to students. This unit aims to strengthen the mental and emotional health of individuals and makes personal interviews to support their social life and development. When necessary, they apply a variety of psychological tests to be able to recognize and diagnose problems better. Individuals who have self-esteem problem, difficulty in adapting to school environment, communication, conflicts, difficulties in expressing feelings, stress and depression, social environments, anxiety, test anxiety, family problems and peer relations, loneliness, anger management, attention deficit issues, etc. can apply to us. Within the framework of the code of ethics for the information of consulter will not be shared with any person or organization without the knowledge of consultant – all conversations are conducted between privacy principle. This unit organize seminars  to reach people and inform them about the psychological problems and solution of these problems.

Our undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students and academics and staff benefits from psychological support unit.


In our clinic our dentist does under-treatment clinic, dental extractions, amalgam fillings, aesthetic (composite) fillings, root-canal treatment, treatment sensitivity, gum treatment, dental stone cleaning, and channel treatments.

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