Design of Healthy Foods: Mitigation of Thermal Processing Contaminants, Coating of Food and Bioactive Compounds

Thursday, February 22, 2018


SEM Conference Hall (Eski İşletme Amfisi)



Asst. Prof. Dr. Kübra Sultan ÖZDEMİR

Department of Food Engineering, KonyaFood and AgricultureUniversity

Dr. Kübra Sultan Özdemir is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Food Engineering atKonyaFood & AgricultureUniversity. She received her doctorate in Food Engineering atHacettepeUniversity, in 2015. As a food scientist and engineer, her research primarily focused on finding ways to minimize processing contaminants and developing novel approaches to produce healthier foods while keeping desirable attributes in the end product.

Her research includes; phytochemicals in foods, designing healthy foods, encapsulation of bioactive compounds, processing contaminants (HMF, acrylamide etc) and their mitigation strategies in processed foods and extending shelf-life of fruits/vegetables. She has involved in various national and international academic projects as a researcher. She is a member of Food Quality & Safety Research Group (FoQus) atHacettepeUniversity.



Food and nutritional scientists are still facing the question ‘what should we eat or not’. While, researches relevant to food science, nutrition and human health are numerous, yet we are still at the beginning of understanding food and health mechanisms. One of the most important topics in relation to the design of healthy foods is food safety. To produce “safe foods” we need to find ways to minimize processing contaminants while keeping these desirable quality attributes in the end product. Food composition undergoes significant changes due to the chemical reactions that occur during heating. Utilization of specific encapsulated ingredients in food formulations can be of interest to overcome some processing issues to get technological or nutritional advantages. Encapsulation of targeted food additives is particularly important for thermally processed foods to protect core compounds from degradation by limiting its reactivity toward the food matrix and the environment.


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