Konuşmacı: Dr. Seymur Cahangirov / UNAM – National Nanotechnology Research Center, Bilkent University, 06800 Ankara, Turkey

The rapid progress in the nanoscience and technology in the last two decade has proved that Richard Feynman was right; there is indeed plenty of room at the bottom. Low-dimensional materials ranging from atomic chains to nanowires and from nanotubes to atomic monolayers have been synthesized and explored in detail thanks to advances in experimental tools and techniques. In this talk, I will present some highlights of my research in low-dimensional materials starting with carbon atomic chains that are ultimate 1D quantum wires and moving up to quasi-1D silicon and GaAs nanowires followed by 2D materials including silicene, germanene and others and finally concluding with the new layered allotropes of silicon that we have discovered much recently. To explore the rich world of these low-dimensional materials, we look at the atomic, electronic, optical, mechanical, frictional and vibrational properties by adopting the state-of-the-art computational tools based on the density functional theory.

Yer: Moleküler Biyoloji Ve Genetik (seminer salonu)
Tarih: 18 Aralık 2015
Saat: 14:00
Bilgi: Prof. Dr. Çetin KILIÇ

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