Assist. Prof. Nihan AYDEMİR
Institute of Nanotechnology

+90 (262) 605 33 01
Block R, 215
Areas of interest
Fabrication and characterization of nano particles, wires and films to be used in biosensors, smart materials and stretchable electronics as well as clean room practices for micro device fabrication.
Detailed CV

A. Uluslararası hakemli dergilerde yayımlanan makaleler:

A.1. Insect Odorant Receptor Nanodiscs for Sensitive and Specific Electrochemical Detection
of Odorant Compounds. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Volume 329, 15 February
2021, 129243. J A Cheema, N Aydemir, C Carraher, R. Khadka, D Colbert, H
T Lin, A Nelson, A Kralicek, J Travas-Sejdic.

A.2. Improving the Electrochemical Performance and Stability of Polypyrrole by Polymerizing
Ionic Liquids. Polymers 2020, 12(1), 136. (2020). A Kesküla, I Heinmaa, T Tamm,
N Aydemir, J Travas-Sejdic, A. L Peikolainen, R Kiefer.

A.3. Investigating Electrochemical Stability and Reliability of Gold
Electrode‐Electrolyte Systems to Develop Bioelectronic Nose Using Insect Olfactory
Receptor. Electroanalysis 31 (4), 726-738. (2019). R Khadka, N Aydemir,
C Carraher, C Hamiaux, P Baek, J Cheema, Andrew Kralicek,
Jadranka Travas‐Sejdic.

A.4. An ultrasensitive electrochemical impedance-based biosensor using
insect odorant receptors to detect odorants. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 126,
207-213 (2019). R Khadka, N Aydemir, C Carraher, C Hamiaux, D Colbert, J
Cheema, Jenny Malmström, Andrew Kralicek, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic.

A.5. Data on preparation and characterization of an insect odorant receptor
based biosensor. Data in brief 21, 2142-2148 (2018).
R Khadka, N Aydemir, C Carraher, C Hamiaux, D Colbert, J Cheema, Jenny
Malmström, Andrew Kralicek, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic.

A.6. Chain shape and thin film behaviour of poly (thiophene)-graft-poly
(acrylate urethane). Soft matter, 2018,14, 6875-6882. (2018). P Baek, J
Mata, A Sokolova, A Nelson, N Aydemir, R Shahlori, Duncan James
McGillivray, David Barker, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic.

A.7. Direct Writing and Characterization of Three-Dimensional Conducting
Polymer PEDOT Arrays. ACS applied materials &
10 (14), 11888-11895. (2018). P Zhang, N Aydemir, M
Alkaisi, DE Williams, J Travas-Sejdic.

A.8. Conducting electrospun brushes with polyanionic grafts as highly
selective, label-free, electrochemical biosensor with a low detection limit for
non-Hodgkin lymphoma gene, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Volume 100, 2018,
Pages 549-555, (2018). T E. Kerr-Phillips, N Aydemir, E W Chan, D
Barker, J Malmström, C Plesse, J Travas-Sejdic.

A.9. New immobilisation method for oligonucleotides on electrodes enables
highly-sensitive, electrochemical label-free gene sensing, Biosensors and
Bioelectronics 97, 128-135. (2017). N Aydemir, E Chan, P Baek, D Barker,
DE Williams, J Travas-Sejdic.

A.10. Molecularly Engineered Intrinsically Healable and Stretchable
Conducting Polymers, Chemistry of Materials, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.7b03291. (2018). P Baek, N Aydemir, Y An, E W Chan, A Sokolova, A Nelson, J P
Mata, D McGillivray, D Barker, and J Travas-Sejdic.

A.11. Enhancement of polypyrrole linear actuation with poly(ethylene oxide).
Synthetic Metals 232 (2017) 1–7. R Khadkaa, N Aydemir, A Kesküla, T
Tamm, J Travas-Sejdica, R Kiefer.

A.12. Direct laser scribed graphene/PVDF-HFP composite electrodes with
improved mechanical water wear and their electrochemistry, Applied Materials Today 8, 35-43 (2017). G Xu, N Aydemir, PA Kilmartin, J Travas-Sejdic.

A.13. Enhanced Capacitive Energy Storage in PolyoxometalateDoped Polypyrrole,
Advanced Functional Materials. Volume27, Issue25, 1700881 (2017). S Herrmann, N
, F Nägele, D Fantauzzi, T Jacob, Jadranka TravasSejdic, Carsten

A.14. Conducting polymer based electrochemical biosensors, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (12), 8264-8277.
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A.17. A Label-free, sensitive, real-time, semiquantitative electrochemical
measurement method for DNA polymerase amplication (ePCR), Analytical chemistry
87 (10), 5189-5197. (2015). N Aydemir, H McArdle, S Patel, W Whitford,
CW Evans, J Travas-Sejdic, D.E Williams

A.18. Bio-inspired flow sensor from printed PEDOT: PSS micro-hairs, Bioinspiration & biomimetics 10 (1), 016017. (2015).
H Devaraj, J Travas-Sejdic, R Sharma, N Aydemir, D Williams, E
Haemmerle, K.C Aw

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(2014). J Travas-Sejdic, N Aydemir, B Kannan, DE Williams, J Malmström

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A.24. A new precursor for conducting polymer-based brush interfaces with
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Strover, J Malmström, O Laita, J Reynisson, N Aydemir, MK Nieuwoudt, DE
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B. Uluslararası bilimsel toplantılarda sunulan ve bildiri kitaplarında (proceedings) basılan bildiriler:

B.1. Electrochemomechanical deformation (ECMD) of PPyDBS in free standing lm
formation and trilayer designs, SPIE Smart Structures and Materials+ Nondestructive
Evaluation and Health Monitoring Pages 905631-905631-8. (2014). N Aydemir,
T Tamm, J Travas-Sejdic, PA Kilmartin, A Aabloo, R Kiefer

B.2. Carbide-derived carbon (CDC) linear actuator properties in combination
with conducting polymers, SPIE Smart Structures and Materials+ Nondestructive Evaluation
and Health Monitoring Pages 90561V-90561V-7. (2014). R Kiefer, N Aydemir,
J Torop, PA Kilmartin, T Tamm, F Kaasik, A Kesküla, J Travas-Sejdic, A Aabloo.

C. Diğer yayınlar (PATENTLER):

(Yukarıdaki maddelerde yer alan başlıklardaki kategorilere
girmeyen ve belirtilmek istenen tüm eserler bu maddenin altında

C.1. Sensor Device and Methods. US20190346401A1. (United States, 2019). Andrew Vladimir KRALICEK, Colm
CARRAHER, Han Yue ZHENG, Natalie Olivia Victoria PLANK, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic,
Nihan Aydemir, Thanihaichelvan MURUGATHAS, Roshan KHADKA.

C.2. Conducting Polymers and Uses Thereof. US20190194386A1. (United States, 2019). Jadranka
Travas-Sejdic, David Edward Williams, Nihan Aydemir, David Barker, Wai Chi
Eddie Chan, Clive William Evans.

C.3. Methods and
Apparatus for Amplifying Nucleic Acids. US20190062808A1. (United States, 2019)
Nihan Aydemir, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, Clive William Evans, David Edward

  • Third Cycle (Doctoral): University of Auckland, Chemistry
    Nano/micro fabrication of conducting polymers and their applications as label-free, electrochemical, highly sensitive and selective biosensors and actuators.
  • Second Cycle (Master's): Istanbul Technical University, Polymer Science and Technology
    Comparative polymerization and characterization of conducting polymers.
  • First Cycle (Undergraduate): Istanbul Technical University, Chemistry
    Development of advanced polymer composites for industrial applications.
Post-doctoral research:
-Development of miniaturised biosensors for very rapid identification and diagnostics of infectious and non- communicable diseases in real samples, where a characteristic DNA signature is present.
-Prototype development and investigation of the volatile sensing mechanisms on gold electrodes upon functionalisation with membrane proteins which are embedded in nano-discs and nano-liposomes.
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