What is Erasmus+?

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GTU OID No: E10098910

GTU Erasmus Code: TR KOCAELI01


Erasmus+ and ESC Opportunities

Erasmus + Program is the program that covers grant support in the field of education, youth and sports of the European Union. Within the scope of the program, individuals are offered the opportunity to take part in youth activities based on education, training, internship, professional development and non-formal learning abroad. In addition, collaborations between institutions are supported through partnership activities. European Solidarity Program (European Solidarity Corps, ESC); is a new European Union initiative that aims to meet social needs, creating opportunities for young people to volunteer, work or network on projects that benefit society in their own country or abroad, while promoting their personal, educational, social, civil and professional development.

Gençler/Gençlik Çalışanları İçin

For Youth/Youth Workers

Eğitim Alanlar İçin

For Educational Activities

Eğitim Verenler İçin

For Teaching Activities

Kurum/Kuruluşlar İçin

For Institutions/organizations

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