Message from Department Head


In 1995, our department started its activities under the umbrella of the Faculty of Architecture of Gebze Institute of Technology with Graduate Education and carried out research and graduate studies until it became a Technical University in 2014. In 2017, the Undergraduate Program was opened with 60 students. In 2024, we have given our 4th graduates.


In our departmental studies, where we aim to bring creative and innovative planning solutions in a research-oriented, interdisciplinary perspective to spatial planning education, research and practices on an international and national scale, we focus on spatial planning issues on a global scale and the current problems of our country's cities.


In order to strengthen our mission as a research university, we aim to conduct a research-oriented education and training program with our students in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Our main approach is to preserve traditional planning principles and integrate them with new planning approaches on a global scale, and to research creative and innovative planning solutions that increase social, economic and spatial resilience in the design of sustainable and livable cities. In our theoretical and practical courses, we discuss innovative planning solutions with our students and try to evaluate them critically. In our project courses, which aim to transfer theoretical knowledge to practice, our students carry out spatial planning studies at different scales addressing the spatial, social, environmental and economic dimensions of urban design and urban planning in different study areas. Especially in our final year undergraduate program projects, we focus on current global issues/problems such as climate change, urban resilience, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, and disaster resilience. Our students research these issues with different dimensions at global, national, regional and local scales and produce spatial planning strategies, action programs and innovative idea projects for the cities of our country. For the last two years, our graduation project students have received very valuable awards in the competition organized by the Chamber of City Planners and the Association of Planning Schools of Turkey among all students of planning schools. Together with the students of well-established planning schools such as METU, ITU, Izmir Institute of Technology, they were deemed worthy of second prizes and honorable mentions. In addition, our 3rd and 4th grade students received many awards in the urban design project competitions they participated in on a national scale.


Together with our department professors, we strive to bring our students into our profession as active planners who protect the ethical values of planning, protect society and public interest, include different segments of society, and take responsibilities in active and participatory planning processes based on cooperation and interaction. We try to provide them with a perspective that aims to develop solutions to the challenges of policy and planning in areas where public policy and urban planning intersect. We encourage them to create solutions to urban and rural problems with an interdisciplinary approach using new technologies and methods. We support them in creating sustainable, just and livable cities that are resilient against climate change, pandemics, disaster risks, spatial, social and economic problems.


Our university ranks first among the universities whose graduates find a job in the shortest time. This is a great and important achievement for our university. As a department, we receive very good feedback from the institutions where our students do internships and from the institutions where our graduates work.


After graduation, we have graduates working in the Provincial Directorates of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Metropolitan and District Municipalities, private planning and real estate offices. We have graduates who continue their graduate studies at our university and different universities and work as scholarship researchers in TUBITAK projects. We are proud of our students and graduates.


We invite prospective students who want to produce creative and innovative solutions to the current problems of cities and design fair, resilient and livable cities of the future to the planning profession.


I would like to welcome our prospective students who will prefer our department.



Head of Department

Assoc. Prof. Dr. REYHAN YILDIZ