The primary purpose of the Graduate and Undergraduate English Preparatory Education offered  by the Department of Foreign Languages  is to ensure that newcoming students can acquire basic language skills within an intense and high-quality program so that they can futher their undergraduate education, where the medium of teaching is English. In addition, we aim to meet our students' language-related needs in their professional lives following graduation. Accordingly, an intense and overarching preparatory program encompassing key linguistic skills has been designed by our staff. The program lasts an academic year. The English Preparatory Program for graduate students offer a different curriculum that is more focused on Academic English skills. More specifically, this program is intended to endow students with skills and knowledge required to pass national and international language exams.


Following their admission to our university, our students take the English Proficiency Exam within the scope of the English Preparatory Program offered for undergraduate students by the Department. While those who pass the exam can begin their departmental studies, students who fail the exam take the Placement Exam. Based on their scores, students are placed in classes according to their level of English and begin their one-year English preparatory program.