Faculty of Engineering Departments


The Faculty of Engineering started service in 1992 when GTU was first founded. Along with 1994-1995 academic year departments of The Faculty of Engineering began education within the body of The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences and beginning from the 2001-2002 fall semester, it started to accept students for undergraduate programs. Currently, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering Departments have undergraduate programs. The undergraduate student population in our faculty reached 464 with undergraduate transfers.


Currently 10 departments continue education and research activities within our Faculty. Departments of our Faculty harbor research centers devoted to advanced technology which brings out projects shaping the future of not only our region but also our country. A great majority of ongoing DPT and TUBITAK projects of GTU are carried out in our faculty. With the research performed, academic staff and laboratories, The Faculty of Engineering is the main dynamo of our univesity. Academic staff of our Faculty established achievements in both national and international academic circles.


The Faculty of Engineering is productive in terms of research activities and quality of trained students. Incorporating 36 research laboratories our faculty has a solid substructure. Increasing the number of research laboratories, concentrating on studies consistent with strategies of our country by adding new projects to many others being conducted, ideally training our students through intensive research activities and scientific studies with up to date methods, knowledge and technologies are the main targets of The Faculty of Engineering.




Computer Engineering


Environmental Engineering




Electronic Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Geomatics Engineering




Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering





Materials Science and Engineering