Departments Under Rectorate

Foreign Languages

The main goal of the English Language Preparatory Program offered on undergraduate and graduate level at the Department of Foreign Languages at GTU is to ensure that students acquire the core language skills with an intense and high-quality curriculum so that they can continue their education successfully. In addition, we aim to meet the Business English related needs of our students for them to have a successful career.


Turkish Language

At the Department of Turkish Language, we offer compulsory Turkish courses for undergraduate students so that they can speak Turkish in a correct and fluent manner in their social and business life. Our Turkish instructors also conduct the advising mission for the Turkish Club, established under the Office of Health, Culture and Sports in 2008.



Informatics is a field of science that studies how information, an indispensable part of human life, is produced, conveyed and used. It looks into the nature of information that comes in the form of pictures, images, texts and statistics, and its relationship with ideas. That is why it is essential to classify and store information, and whenever necessary, recall and transfer it to be used. Informatics accordingly conducts applications and research related to the systems and technology required to collect, store, process, organize, categorize, deploy and use information.


Physical Education and Sports

The Department of Physical Education and Sports was established with the Council of Higher Education Executive Board's decision dated June 29, 2004.