At GTU, there is a total of 9 institutes, 4 of which offer graduate degrees. The degree-offering institutes are listed below:

Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences

The Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences at GTU targets constant progress and development in order to reach competitive levels in terms of quality and quantity; aims to become one of the pioneers of contemporary science, contribute to the development of Turkey and science in the world, and raise highly-qualified scientists and researchers who consider science as the meaning of life.


Institute of Social Sciences

The Institute of Social Sciences at GTU and its research, learning and teaching-oriented dynamic academic staff aim to raise scientists who can ensure interdisciplinary collaboration.


Institute of Information Technologies

The Institute of Information Technologies at GTU offers graduate education and conducts research for all types of information technology applications in all dimensions of human development. Its mission is to serve as an interdisciplinary platform that encourages education and research in all the fields of application of information technologies. You can access all the recent information, documents and announcements, and contact us by visiting our website.


Institute of Nanotechnology

The Institute of Nanotechnology at GTU was established with the law numbered 6562 in 2014. The establishment of the Institute has paved the way for nanotechnology research, education, and activities to raise qualified work force that will meet the needs of our country's industry.