Quality Management System




GTU administration, besides fundamental and strategic research, has taken it as its duty to encourage applied and interdisciplinary studies that will be able to pose a solution to the benefit of the society starting from our immediate environment extending to the industry’s problems, prepare the substructure necessary for the production of scientific knowledge that is of universal quality, provide its students and young and qualified academic staff with the support they need, and create and improve the opportunities for sports and social activities.

GTU has adopted a transparent, tolerant, and democratic management model that encourages students to be lifelong learners, conduct research and publish the results of their research and improve themselves, offering to the faculty and the students an environment where they can express themselves freely and prepare their research programs independently, without limiting the production and sharing of the knowledge produced and acknowledging and protecting the autonomy in teaching and research programs.

GTU’s aim to become a higher education institution that conducts advanced level of research, training, teaching, production, publication and counselling is pursued along with the meticulous implementation of the Quality Management System’s principles.