Accommodation and Dormitories


Affiliated with YURTKUR Bolu Regional Directorate, Gebze Student Dormitory’s construction started in 1996 on a field covering 160.000 m2 and it was received by our institution with temporary acceptance on 16 February 2011. After the furnishing process was completed on 22 May 2011, the dormitory was brought into service by the Prime Minister with a capacity of 676 students in total, including 284 female and 392 male students, and the student registrations started in September, 2011. 

Since 2014, with an increase in capacity, the dormitory has been continuing to serve a total 760 students, including 320 female and 440 male students.


Information about the floors, blocks, rooms, room furnishings and capacities

The dormitory has seven student blocks in total, 4 for male students and 3 for female students, and each block has five floors. The rooms in the dormitory are in use for 1, 2, and 3 students respectively.

In all the rooms, there is a mini refrigerator, air conditioning, study desk, wardrobe, bed base, and in addition to them, in the rooms for 2 and 3 students, there is a kitchen cupboard and a counter.

In the blocks for male students:

The number of single rooms is 54.

The number of twin rooms is 121.

The number of triple rooms is 48.

Total number of rooms is 223.

In the blocks for female students:

The number of single rooms is 228.

The number of triple rooms is 28.                                                         

Total number of rooms is 256.

Technical information about the building 

In our dormitory there are 33 security cameras in total and four of them are rotating cameras.

The building has a Pizzy fingerprint recognition system, a central office, a fire alarm system, a lightning conductor, an electric power system, a power generator, a central heating station, a laundry, and in each block there is a prayer room, two elevators, a TV room, a luggage room, an ironing room, a laundry, and an emergency evacuation plan board.


In Block E (for female students) and Block D (for male students), there is a duty room and an infirmary. There is also a shelter and a storeroom available in the basements of the student blocks.

Information about the social facilities and other details

The social facilities contain the following:

Conference Hall with a capacity of 110 students

Hall for Educational Workshops

Study Hall

Young Volunteers Office

Administrative Offices

Storeroom for Movable Property


Prayer Room


Dining Hall

Sports Hall


Technical Service Office

Central Heating Station


Information about public housing and vehicles

A Ford Van with the license plate  41 VK 128 is available.

Information about the facility services (dining hall, canteen etc.)

In the social facilities, there is a canteen and a dining hall in separate places. 


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Faks: +90 (262) 359 14 41