Scientific Research Projects (BAP)

Gebze Technical University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Coordination Office and Scientific Research Projects Committee operate within the scope of GTU Scientific Research Projects Implementation Directive numbered YÖ-0043, dated 25/12/2017 with the revision dated 10/08/2022, prepared in accordance with the Regulation on Scientific Research Projects at Higher Education Institutions issued based on Article 58 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547.

GTU BAP Coordination Office monitors the evaluation, acceptance and support of project proposals prepared and submitted by GTU academics in accordance with the relevant legislation, conducting related services during the project support period, monitoring the financial and scientific development of the projects and finalising the projects.

Within the framework of cooperation and coordination with the Vice-Rectorate Responsible for Research and the Research and Development Committee, it aims to support studies and graduate theses carried out within the scope of scientific research and university-industry collaboration, which will contribute to the development goals and economy of the region and the country in line with the mission of Gebze Technical University and the goals and priorities of a research university in line with the University's expertise.



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