Directorate of Revolving Funds



GTU Directorate of Revolving Fund Management (DSIM) serves with the mission of carrying out the administrative, financial and technical processes of the activities carried out by the academic staff working in the research units of our University within the framework of the Revolving Fund Regulation in accordance with the legal legislation and in accordance with the GTU 2022-2026 Strategic Plan.

Based on Article 58 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, the Regulation on the Establishment of Higher Education Institutions Revolving Fund Enterprises dated 18.06.2020 and numbered 31159, Gebze Technical University Revolving Fund Management Directorate Regulation dated 12.11.2021 and numbered 31657, as well as the Revolving Fund Enterprises Budget and Accounting Regulation and the Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5018.

The purpose of GTU DSIM is to manage the production or sale of surplus and priceable goods and services that arise as a result of the activities of our University in accordance with the relevant legislation, provided that the education and training carried out within our University and the application that contributes to them are prioritised and the main activities are not disrupted. The activities that can be carried out within the framework of DSIM by GTU faculty members in the fields in which GTU is competent are as follows

1 - Within the scope of the infrastructure of our university, to carry out various test and analysis studies, the current prices of which are listed on the web page of the Industrial Services Office Coordinatorship (GebzeLAB),

2 - To prepare Research and Development (R&D) Projects on subjects to be requested by organisations other than Higher Education Institutions and real and legal persons and in accordance with the fields of activity of our University, to ensure the implementation of scientific results and their transformation into technology,

3 - To give scientific opinions, to prepare projects, to conduct research, consultancy and similar services, to open courses, to organise seminars, conferences and symposiums on subjects to be requested by institutions other than Higher Education Institutions and real and legal persons and in accordance with the fields of activity of our University,

4 - To provide consultancy, planning, feasibility study, analysis, measurement, inspection, technical control, quality control, conformity testing, technical maintenance, technical report, printing and sample printing, software development, design, initial sample development, material/product development with desired properties, providing new functions to known products or improving their properties, imaging, project evaluation and psychometric measurement services in accordance with the fields of activity of our University,

5 - To carry out research and development, design and innovation projects to be carried out within the framework of paragraph (k) added to Article 58 of Law No. 2547 in accordance with Article 5 of Law No. 6676 published in the Official Gazette dated 26.02.2016 and numbered 29636

In addition to the smooth management of income and expenditures from the above-mentioned activities, GTU DSIM endeavours to ensure that academic staff are informed about these activities accurately and appropriately.