8th GTU Graduate Research Symposium

June 4, 2024-GTU Office of Press and Public Relations

The 8th "GTU Graduate Research Symposium," traditionally organized annually by the Gebze Technical University (GTU) Graduate School, was held on May 30-31, 2024. At the symposium, graduate students shared their thesis/dissertation-related studies and scientific research project works in an environment also attended by representatives from the private sector and public institutions. The symposium, aimed at enhancing academic and sectoral collaboration, took place at the GTU Congress and Cultural Center.

GTU Rector Prof. Hacı Ali Mantar, Vice-Rectors Prof. Damla Arısan, Prof. Hasari Çelebi, Prof. Mahmut Durmuş, Graduate School Director Prof. Mevlüt Karabulut, institute administrators, academics, students, and representatives of institutions and organizations attended the event.

In his opening speech, Rector Prof. Hacı Ali Mantar emphasized the importance of the newly-established Graduate School and provided details as to the process of its formation. He highlighted that consolidating all graduate education activities under one roof was crucial for eliminating structural fragmentation. Additionally, he noted that this process was understood and supported by academics from other institutes in the institution.


Importance of Graduate Education

Recalling that Gebze Technical University focuses on research and development in high technology fields, GTU Rector stated that technological advancements have increased the importance of graduate education. He stressed that graduate education plays a significant role in enhancing students' knowledge and skills, making them more qualified, and that studies in fundamental sciences and engineering find direct applications in the industry. Key points from Rector Prof. Hacı Ali Mantar’s speech included the importance of collaboration among researchers from different disciplines and how this collaboration contributes to innovation and localization.


Inter-University Collaboration

The symposium also contributes to Gebze Technical University’s collaboration with other universities. These collaborations help expand and strengthen research and development activities.


Importance of European Union Funds

Researchers need to pay more attention to European Union funds. We encourage developing research opportunities through these funds. The success of projects funded by the European Union from Gebze Technical University can serve as examples.


Shortening the Process

The transfer of research conducted at the university to the industry is a long-term process in Türkiye, and as Gebze Technical University, we aim to shorten this process.


Constant Commitment to Mission and Vision

Our university, founded as Gebze Institute of Technology with a focus on graduate education, continues to make significant strides in research and high technology fields without altering its mission and vision after admitting undergraduate students. We thank previous administrations for their contributions. Additionally, by launching new departments and conducting quality research, we aim for balanced growth both vertically and horizontally.


Importance of Working Together

Rector Prof. Hacı Ali Mantar emphasized that technological developments and university efforts contribute to the country's development, the importance of research and development activities has increased, and all components must work together in this process.


Importance of University-Industry Collaboration

Graduate School Director Prof. Mevlüt Karabulut began his speech by providing information about the consolidation process of GTU’s graduate education. He said, "Our university, with its young and dynamic academic staff and infrastructure, as well as its geographical location, is in a unique position to develop university-industry collaboration. We are making agreements with research centers and industrial organizations in our ecosystem and carrying out joint projects. As a university and institute, we are making significant efforts to enhance the quality of existing programs, offer new programs in line with global scientific and technological developments, and develop university-industry collaboration."


Encouraging Young Talents in R&D Activities

Prof. Mevlüt Karabulut emphasized that becoming a country that produces, not just uses, knowledge and high technology is directly related to the importance given to research and development by the public and private sectors. "Although efforts in this area have increased in recent years in our country, we still have a long way to go. Our state and universities have important duties to steer young and talented minds towards R&D and make these fields attractive to them. A quality graduate education will be the driving force for these efforts. To increase not only the number, but also the qualifications of our students, it is especially necessary that master's and doctoral scholarships are appropriate to current conditions and that the employee rights of academics are at least comparable to those in the countries we are competing with."


144 Presentations Delivered

During the symposium, a total of 144 presentations were made, including 59 oral and 85 poster presentations prepared by master's and doctoral students as part of their thesis or dissertation studies. Bringing together graduate students with academics from different disciplines, students, and industry representatives will provide opportunities to share and discuss research findings and develop new ideas and collaborations for future research.