Exam Stress Management Training Given to High Schoolers

June 4, 2024-GTU Office of Press and Public Relations

Following the start of exams, a panel was organized by GTU and the Çayırova District Public Library to provide positive contributions to the mental health and academic success of young people.


The "Stress Management" panel, organized in collaboration with the Gebze Technical University (GTU) Social Impact Coordination Office and the Çayırova District Public Library, took place with the participation of 11th-grade students from Çayırova Fevzi Çakmak Anatolian High School. The event aimed to help young people become more aware of how to cope with exam stress.


The panel addressed important topics such as exam stress, motivation, and consistency. The event, conducted by Lütfi Yapıcı, Therapist at GTU, emphasized to the students the importance of exam motivation and developing consistent study habits. The panel was conducted interactively, creating an active question-and-answer environment with the participants.