GTU Rowing Team Comes Back from France with Cups

May 13, 2024- GTU Office of Press and Public Relations


GTU Rowing Team has achieved 2nd place in the 1000m race and 1st place in the 500m race in the 37th Traditional Régataïades competition held in the city of Nantes, France.

The Gebze Technical University (GTU) Rowing Team made a significant international achievement by participating in the 37th Traditional Régataïades competition held in the city of Nantes, France. Competing in the 8+ category, the GTU Rowing team represented our country successfully by securing second place in the 1000-meter race and first place in the 500-meter race.

Accompanied by their trophies, the GTU Rowing Team had the opportunity to visit GTU Rector Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar to express their gratitude for the support provided. During the visit, team captain Yavuz Bahadır İnci stated, "These achievements have been made possible thanks to your leadership, which values students and sports. The financial and moral support you provided during the preparation process, the confidence you instilled in us as a team, have given us the opportunity to compete on the international stage. Thanks to this, we have gained valuable experiences that will contribute to both our individual and team development.

Additionally, we would like to extend special thanks to GTU Health, Culture and Sports Director Bülent Çetin for his unwavering support before and during the competition, which allowed us to focus solely on our performance. With his support, we were able to represent our university in the best possible way with the excellent results we achieved.

Sharing these successes with you is a great honor and source of satisfaction for us. Elevating the name of our university on the international stage and making you proud with our achievements is our greatest motivation."

GTU Rector Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar expressed pride in the team's success and assured continued support for the sporting students. He stated that GTU, whose quality in research and education is unquestionable, will continue to excel in sports, culture, and contributions to the society. Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar thanked all team members, staff, and team sponsors Fesleğen Catering and Deva Biotechnology and Health Products Inc. for their contributions to this international success.

The names of the GTU Rowing Team athletes returning successfully from France are as follows: Yavuz Bahadır İnci, Kaya Erdem Kaya, Emir Topaç, Burak Emir, Yusuf Günalan, Ali Karadeniz, Hacı Durmuş Çırak, İbrahim Berk Uğur, Ömer Faruk Kayabaş.