International Congress on Biotech Solutions for Sustainability

May 13, 2024-GTU Office of Press and Public Relations

The "1st International Congress on Biotechnology Solutions for Sustainability," organized in collaboration between Gebze Technical University (GTU) and Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Shareef (MNS) University of Agriculture, was held.

The congress, held at the GTU Congress and Cultural Center from May 7th to 10th, 2024, was attended by 300 academics, researchers, representatives from civil society organizations, and industry representatives from 9 countries. Throughout the congress, solutions were sought for issues related to health, industrial and agricultural biotechnology, biomaterials, climate change, artificial intelligence, and digitalization in biotechnology.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the congress attended by Pakistan's Ankara Embassy Undersecretary Syed Atif Raza and GÜBRETAŞ General Manager Aytaç Onkun, GTU Rector Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar said the following about the congress and its aims:

It fills me with great pride to see biotechnology come together under one roof to explore its transformative potential in addressing the urgent challenges facing our planet. From climate change and environmental degradation to food security and public health, the problems confronting humanity today require urgent and innovative solutions. Here, at the intersection of biotechnology and sustainability, we find hope and promise for a better tomorrow.

Over the next few days, this congress will serve as a space for idea, knowledge, and expertise exchange as we examine the latest developments in biotechnology and their practices across various disciplines. From agricultural and medical biotechnology to industrial practices and the emerging field of artificial intelligence in biotechnology, our discussions will encompass the depth of this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

The theme of our congress, 'Biotechnology Solutions for Sustainability,' reflects the essence of our collective effort to harness the power of biotechnology for the public good. This theme reflects our unwavering commitment to leveraging science and technology to promote environmental management, social equity, and economic prosperity for both present and future generations."

Prof. Dr. Işıl Kurnaz, Director at GTU's Institute of Biotechnology, speaking at the opening, talked about the significance of the Congress prepared by the Institute and the concrete output projects the Institute would contribute to the Congress. GÜBRETAŞ General Manager Aytaç Onkun also shared GÜBRETAŞ's sustainability-focused R&D efforts and goals. Undersecretary Syed Atif Raza of Pakistan's Ankara Embassy and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Rajwana of Pakistan Multan Agriculture University also delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Additionally, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal attended the congress and delivered a presentation. Throughout the congress, representatives from various sectors contributed by setting up stands in the foyer area, while poster presentations of sustainability projects conducted at GTU were visited by the participants.