GTU Contributes to Village School Libraries

February 6, 2024-Office of Press and Public Relations

Master's students of the Faculty of Business Administration at Gebze Technical University (GTU) contribute to the development of students by adding new books to the libraries of two schools located in the Beyşehir District of Konya.

GTU continues to contribute to the society through its social and cultural activities besides its research and academic capabilities. In this context, master's students of the Faculty of Business Administration at GTU initiated a social responsibility project to add new books to the libraries of Beyşehir Yeşildağ Şehit Şefik Ayaydın Primary School and Cihan Kolaç Secondary School as part of the "Ethics in Business Life" course. As a result of this project, children have met with more than 200 books suitable for their development and education.

Under the umbrella of GTU's Social Impact Coordination Office, the project was carried out by GTU Academics Prof. Dr. Meral Elçi, Assistant Professor Dr. Fatma Karaoğlu, and the master's students of the Faculty of Business Administration. Initially, books suitable for the age range of the children were carefully selected in collaboration with the School Principal Ramazan Gündoğdu and teachers. One of the most appealing series was the TÜBİTAK science magazines and books. As part of the Ministry of Education's practice, during the "reading hour," students will read these books for 1 hour every day to both advance their reading skills and increase their curiosity in science. The books were delivered to the schools and students starting from February 5th, Monday, following the semester break.