Student Council



The Student Council at GTU protects students’ rights to ensure that their educational, health-related, cultural, and social needs are fulfilled by taking their requests and complaints into consideration and forwarding these to the concerned authorities, helping them make the most of their lives as a student.



Our mission is to always be there for the students, without discriminating or marginalizing any of them, by being equal to all with a rights-based approach and behaviors, and being loyal to human rights and freedom all the way. Ensuring that the students at GTU make the best of their educational opportunities; meeting the students’ needs; and contacting the necessary authorities to improve their opportunities as students are also among our main missions.



Our vision is to move GTU students to the highest level in every aspect of academic education and science, and in terms of social and cultural opportunities; help them build their reputation as GTU alumni after graduation, ensure that GTU is listed among the most prestigious universities in Türkiye.