CHEM 113- General Chemistry Laboratory I



Dr. Naciye ÖZTÜRK

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Fabienne DUMOULİN

Doç. Dr. Şule ŞAHİN ÜN  


General Information  

Lab Manual Booklet 

Course Requirements and Rules 

Lab Safety Rules and Cautions 

Lab Report Template

Experiments & Assistants




Experiment 1&2-Lab grades are released.

CONGRATULATIONS! All the students from Environmental EngineeringMechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering Departments  who attented the safety exam on Friday 12 October have been successful. Those who wish to check their paper can visit their instructor. 

The three students from these departments who were not present must imperatively come on Friday 19 October at 13:00 in the Chemistry Department (Amphi 2) for the make-up exam. 

If they fail the exam or do not attend the make-up exam, they will not be allowed to follow the experiments course and will fail the lesson CHEM113.

CONGRATULATIONS! All the  MBG and Chemical Engineering students  registered  on Tuesday  for  Chem113  General Chemistry Lab.I  course  passed the Lab. safety exam.

CONGRATULATIONS! All the  Physic ,  Material Science and Engineering and Bioengineering  students which take an exam on Wednesday  for  Chem113  General Chemistry Lab.I  course  passed the Lab. safety exam.


CHEM113 Fall_2018-2019 Introduction Slides







Lab Schedule   

Week      Date Experiments
    1 25-26-28 Sept Introduction
    2 2-3-5 Oct Lab Intro

9-10-13 Oct

Lab Safety Training and Safety Exam


16-17-19 Oct

Exp 1: Identification of pure substance by their properties


23-24-26 Oct

Exp 2: Identification of pure substance by their reactions


30-31 Oct + 2 Nov

Exp 3: Stochiometric calculations


6-7-9 Nov

Exp 4: Determination of a salt solubility


13-14-16 Nov

Exp 5: Determination quantatity of Fe+2 with KMnO4


20-21-23 Nov

No Lab (Midterm Week)


27-28-30 Nov

Exp 6: Diffusion of Gases


4-5-7  Dec

Exp 7:  Solid Soap


11-12-14  Dec

Exp 8: Synthesis of Nylon 6,6


18-19-21  Dec

Make-up exam

25-26-28  Dec

Make-up exam
   7-18 January Final Exam




















Check the make-up policy in the lab manual.